First Post

This is my first post... I mean really my first post. Very exciting. Why have I decided to blog? For some reason I decided to surf Google to see how many other towns, communities and neighborhoods were doing what we've been doing. I saw a lot of terrific ideas by some very inspired frugal, personal finance, simple life and eco bloggers and authors... but I was shocked to see that nobody was talking about splitting!!!

I did finally find some mention of perhaps a handful of other neighborhoods where similar methods are being employed, but it seemed to be a very rare occurrence. Suddenly I felt a rush of obligation, like a warm wind rushing past my face. I had to write about this - to tell people what they are missing, and all the excess money they are spending, and extra waste and clutter they are accumulating.

I'm no activist, and I don't see myself as a leader. But maybe I can help make a bad economy a little less bad for some people and some communities. Will anybody see this blog??? Credit for my new web skills goes to my son Jeff who is teaching me to use Blogger, Facebook, forums, etc.


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